Saturday, April 24, 2010


I bought a new scanner this week, and couldn't wait to try it out on some scanography. What is scanography? It's making images right on a scanner! I have seen some amazing examples of this type of image making, and was anxious to see what I could do with my scanner.

I started with some daffodils from my garden, and had fun arranging them in different ways on the scanner bed. My first scan was pretty awful! I had too much stray light hitting the scanner, so I used black foam board to surround the scanner and eliminate the problem.

Once I had the daffodil shot I wanted, I experimented with  a few other items. Had some fun with a trio of peacock feathers (feathers are tough to scan, they do not stay put!).

I then moved on to a nautilus shell. I loved the way the shell looked on the scanner, so I added another, and was quite pleased with the results.

 I converted the image to black and white with my Nik Silver Efex Pro software (love all of my Nik filters!).

Have I mastered this technique? No, far from it! But I can see some potential here, and will continue to experiment. I do love a challenge, and am looking forward to seeing what I can create with this technique as I learn and experiment more. I'm already envisioning scans using ferns, tulips, poppies, callas, so many ideas!

Happy shooting (and scanning!)


  1. Wow, Kathleen. I love these images!

  2. I love this technique! I need to try it. How are you placing not flat images on the bed and still get good scan?

  3. i've heard of this but not the terminology. wow - what brilliant results!! i particularly like the first shell (i'm a nut for shells). bravo!

  4. You're on your way girl! A lovely set of images and the detail is so good - the subjects look like they are floating!

  5. Thank you, Ladies! I have a list of subjects that I want to play around with. :)

    Suselek- the lid stays open so that's not an issue.

  6. I experimented with scanning flowers and other objects a few years ago but never knew it had the name Scanography! Love your work.