Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seasons of Change

As I write this, Spring has sprung on the coast of Maine. The last of the snow is melting, small sprouts of green are pushing through the wet soil in my gardens, and the songs of the returning birds fill the air. I don't do as much shooting in the winter, so the anticipation of getting back to my daily shooting routine makes me very happy!

I am looking forward to new subjects, new locations, and also some that I shoot every year. The challenge becomes photographing those things and places in new ways, and it is a challenge I welcome.

If you have a favorite shooting location, try shooting it at every season, the changes are wonderful!  I have a road near my house that I shoot often. I love seeing the seasonal changes, as well as the changes that occur at different times of day, and in differing weather conditions.

So, get out there and shoot, that's where I'm heading!

Happy Spring!


  1. Oh gosh Kathleen, those photos are breathtaking! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank You for sharing!


  2. Amazingly inspiring images Kathleen! What a creative idea. My hunch is that this challenge would help us see more clearly the season inside ourselves...