Monday, January 19, 2015

Shooting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I always love trying different types of Photography. I think it's important to stretch yourself as a Photographer, to seek new subjects and different ways of seeing the world. When Photographer Kim Stone asked me if I knew someone who could shoot some new portraits of her for an upcoming show of her photographs, I offered to do it myself.  Kim shoots beautiful landscapes and equine photographs, and wanted the portraits to include 2 of her horses. Since I have very little experience photographing horses, I thought it would be a really good challenge for me and I was not disappointed.

We did the shoot at Kim's farm, where she has acres of pastures. With snow on the ground and soft, overcast light and moderate temperatures in the 30s, it was a great day to make her portraits. It was a fun challenge to not only pose my subject but catch the horses in the positions where I wanted them, definitely a shoot fast and often situation! I was able to send Kim 14 portraits, and she was pleased with my work. I think my portraits captured the love Kim has for her horses, which was my goal. Here are a few samples of the images I made:

Happy Shooting!