Thursday, February 4, 2016

See In a New Way

We are experiencing a very warm Winter here in Maine, so my usual favorite Winter subjects like frost and ice and snowy landscapes have only appeared sporadically. I've done a little flower photography inside, but really haven't been shooting much and have been feeling less than inspired. When that happens, I try to see in a new way, and the easiest way to do that is to put a Lensbaby on my camera. This morning it was 50 degrees outside, with light fog, and I love shooting with that sort of light, so I grabbed my new Lensbaby Composer Pro ll and Edge 50 optic for the first time and headed out.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Edge 50, it is a selective focus optic, but instead of the typical Lensbaby sweet spot of focus, this optic, like the Edge 80, provides a slice of focus through the image.  The aperture range is f/3.2 to f/22, and it can focus as close as 8 inches away from your subject.

I kept the aperture at f/3.2 for max blur, I really wanted to be able to simplify my backgrounds while walking around the yard, seeing what I could find to shoot. Here are a few samples:

It was a good morning, I am feeling more inspired and so happy to be outside shooting!

Happy shooting,


  1. Feeling the same as the weather is grim here in Norway at the moment, oi like the colours in these shots, particularly the seed head

  2. These are beautiful, Kathleen!
    Here in NY, we are having a winter just like you are, and everything is really gray, so I tookout my Lensbaby Velvet. This is such an amazing Lens.

  3. I may have to invest in a Lensbaby someday and when I do, I'll need some advice.

  4. Is it easier to learn with the edge? It seems like the sweet 50 might be harder to focus...Also is there any stabilization on lenbaby lenses? I'm obviously very new at looking at this system. But, I've admired your work for a long time.

    1. I find the Edge optics a little trickier to focus. No image stabilization, Lensbaby lenses are fully manual.