Friday, March 30, 2012

Seeing Beyond the Obvious

When you shoot a particular subject often, the challenge becomes capturing that subject in new and different ways. I had this issue last week when my Crocuses began to bloom. Here in Maine, Crocuses are the first bits of color we see in the Spring, and after a long season of just  brown and white, it's always a pleasure to see them break ground. I shoot them every year, and last fall I planted some large groups of purple Crocus bulbs in a new location, so I was especially happy to see them blooming.  

I always shoot some individual portraits....

... and of course some group photos....

So, how would I shoot this new crop of Crocuses in a different way? First I shot one group photo...

..and then I though about shooting through one group to another several feet away, keeping my lens very close to the flowers and shooting wide open to create a veiling effect...

Since we are having an early Spring, my daffodils are also up, so I tried shooting through their foliage too, and the resulting image was exactly what I had been seeking, a very different view of a commonly photographed subject. This is one of my new favorite photos!

So, grab your camera, get outside and try seeing your world in a new and different way!

Happy Shooting!


  1. Wonderful post and photography Kathleen!

  2. Kathleen, were you using the Lensbaby for these, especially that last image? Beautiful images, wish I had planted something to bloom early!

    I find I still revert to my macro lens but still incorporate the Lensbaby for my flowers and rethinking that...

  3. Thanks, Pat! I used a Lensbaby for all but the bottom two images, I needed a longer focal length for those two so I used my Canon f/3.5 180mm.

  4. Stunning Kathleen. I must try to shoot a different angle when the weather gets warm enough.

  5. Kathleen, thanks for the helpful shooting suggestion. Seeing the familiar in new ways can present challenges, at times. You've come up with a gorgeous collection of images! My favorite is the last capture.

  6. Great shots!! Excellent job!!

    Francesc from Barcelona


  7. Your lensbaby flowers are terrific. Through your eye, they are a marriage made in heaven!

  8. Thank you, Cynthia. Lensbaby lenses are my fav for flower portraits. :)