Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Multiple Fun!

As a Canon shooter, I have had a bit of Nikon envy since I first saw Bryan Peterson make a multiple exposure photo right in his camera back in 2004. I loved the effect and really wanted to be able to do it with my camera. Yes, I could make a bunch of exposures and combine them in Photoshop, but that wouldn't allow me to see what I had captured at the time and make adjustments, and to be honest, it just sounded like too much work.

So, fast forward to early this Spring, when Canon announced the 5D Mark lll. I was reading through the new features, not really thinking it was time to upgrade my 5D Mark ll, when I read "new Multiple Exposure feature", and I was sold! I have been having a blast with it, and the technique is so easy to do! You just set the camera on Multiple, choose the number of exposures (I have been using 9), find a subject with lots of line and color and start shooting! I usually place my focus point off center, but it you like a more centered swirl, that's fine too. Rotate the camera (I went clockwise) with each exposure, turning just a bit each time you click the shutter. The results are different every time I do it, but to me that's part of the fun! Here are some images I made this morning, all at f/11. I shot Bleeding Hearts, a Magnolia tree, and Daffodils.

  I have just scratched the surface with this technique and am really looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.

Happy Shooting!


  1. Kathleen to me you are amazing. I love your creativity and you give me something to strive for in my own dismal shooting. I have taken more pictures of flowers since I have been seeing your shots. My vision for the future is to be able to put more artistic emphasis on my own work. you are such an inspiration to me.
    Sonny Hamauchi

  2. I didn't know about this technique with the Mark III, I wish I could justfy me upgrading from the Mark II. This is tempting though, thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing where you take this further.

  3. Thanks, Barbara. I am really happy with the new camera for many reasons.

  4. Wow, great shots. I think hubby would have a meltdown if upgraded so soon.:( Thanks for sharing what the camera can do.