Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There are times I can previsualize a final image long before I click the shutter. I see the image in my mind, and just need to find the right moment to make the image. Such was the case with the photo above.  This is a window in Harpswell's Old Meeting House (1757),  a building I pass by every time I go into town. Just before Christmas each year and for several weeks afterwards, electric candles shine in the building's windows, and since the building is unheated, there is often frost decorating the windows as well. For the last three winters I have been trying to make this photo, and it just didn't happen. Either there was no frost, the candles weren't on, or I didn't have my camera with me when I went by. But, last week my friend Zoe and I were on our way home from a shoot when we passed by the building. The candles were on, there was frost lace on the windows, snow on the sills, and the sun was going down. We stopped in and started shooting, and about 10 minutes later the caretaker came by to shovel the entrance so that he could go in and turn the candles off for the season! Talk about timing! He was kind enough to bring us inside and gave us a history lesson about the building too. Here is a shot of the inside, as well as some variations of the window shot- I always work my subjects!

The moral of this story? When you see an image in your head, shoot it! Don't wait for "the next time", seize the moment and make your photos. I am glad I did! :)

Happy Shooting!