Saturday, July 14, 2012

Work it!

Hi there everyone!

With summer flowers popping up everywhere here in Maine, I thought I'd share a few quick tips for photographing flowers. When looking at flower subjects, most photographers focus on the top of the blossom. That's totally understandable, most of the interesting parts of a flower are on the top, and I concentrate on this area often often.

But- if you are only photographing the tops of flowers, there's much you are missing!  Sometimes the most interesting aspect of a flower is on the side, or even the backside! Look closely at the flower from all angles, see what catches your eye, what you want to highlight and share with your audience. Definitely shoot that top of the flower, but then move on to other points of view. Shooting from several different angles allows you to tell more than one story about the flower, so, as my students are used to hearing me say, "Work it!".

 Be sure you shoot verticals as well as those horizontals, especially if the flower has a long stem, or a slim shape. As always, be particularly aware of the light on your subject, the background, and simplify whenever possible to keep the attention on your subject.

Happy shooting!