Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Favorite Photographs

At the end of each year I like to go back through all of the images I created that year and try to choose my favorite photos. The photos are not necessarily my most popular with other people, but they are the ones that make my heart sing. Some are favorites because I tried a new technique or a new way of processing. Some make the list because the subject is dear to my heart, sometimes the location where I made the photo has special meaning to me. At times I see a concept or story in the photo that speaks to me. There are always some I choose for no other reason other than that I love the photo. I compile the top 40-50 images into a slideshow which becomes a wonderful memory of the images I made that year.  Here are some photos that made the cut so far:

Start looking through the photos you made last year and put a collection together, think about creating a slideshow of the images. I did a post about making slideshows last year, check it out here if you need some help with the process.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2015!

Happy shooting,

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Telling Stories

Most of you know me as a flower photographer. I do love making flower portraits, nature subjects make my heart sing. But I also love to photograph people, especially my 7 grandchildren. When Madison, my newest granddaughter arrived in September, I could not wait to photograph her. But I had a new idea that I wanted to try, a story that I wanted to tell. I had offered to help bring her two big sisters to the hospital to meet her for the first time and I wanted to tell that story in a series of photos, not just one portrait. I wanted to record those moments as a slideshow with a group of images. I had certain photos in mind, but with two toddlers I really had to just wing it and just go with them being themselves, which was adorable.

When I got home I processed the photos and converted them to black and white to lessen any color distractions from the hospital room, I wanted to simplify the images in my story. I made my slideshow video with Animoto, which makes it a very simple process and allows me to license music for my shows so that I can share them. I found a song that fit perfectly for the story I was telling.

Here is my video:

So, in this Holiday season, think about the stories you can tell with your photos. Photograph Holiday traditions and parties, family get-togethers, tell a story with a collection of images and create a forever keepsake for your family and friends. I know my family will treasure this video always.

Happy Shooting!