Thursday, October 24, 2019

New Lensbaby Omni Color Expansion Pack Magic!

      Last June I posted information about the new Lensbaby Omni system for shooting through, a fun tool set for making photos in a new and creative way. Today Lensbaby announced a new pack for the Omni system, the Omni Color Expansion Pack, and I have been lucky enough to be shooting with it for the last month. This pack contains a set of reflective colored film strips that allow you to add color and light to your subjects, some strips are textured and some are plain. I have been having a blast shooting with these and have definitely found the magic of Lensbaby once again!

     I spent some time shooting in my gardens, but the real magic happened for me when I shot raindrops on some leaves after a heavy rain, when I saw this image through my viewfinder I could barely breathe!

     Here is a shot of my set up with the Omni color film on my Velvet 85 as well as the actual subject, you can see why the image on the back of my camera showed me the magic of using these:

  I can change the color or temperature of the light across the entire frame, or add color to a particular area of my composition. Adding color allows me to lessen possible distractions, to simplify or add interest to my subjects.

     I have too many favorites to post them all here so I made a short video for you, all images were created with this new pack and my Lensbaby Velvet 85, so much fun and I love the effect!

Happy Shooting!