Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meet the new Edge 80 from Lensbaby!

Just when you think Craig Strong has already invented the most creative optics possible, he does it again! This morning, Lensbaby announced a new optic, the Edge 80. I was lucky enough to beta test this optic last fall, and it's amazing! This little gem is 80mm, and creates a new and different effect. Instead of the current sweet spot of focus found in Lensbaby's previous selective focus optics, this optic creates a slice of focus through the image, similar to a traditional tilt-shift lens. When pointed straight ahead, everything in the same focal plane will be in focus, so you can use it as you would a straight lens. You can tilt the lens body to the side for a vertical slice of focus, up or down for a horizontal slice, or diagonally for a diagonal slice. The size of the slice is controlled with aperture selection, done with a twist of the barrel as with the newer Sweet 35 optic, with apertures from f/2.8 to f/22.There's even a built in extension tube on the front of the optic, pulling it out allows you to move in even closer. Adding the Macro Converters will get you closer still.

You can see Edge 80 videos here.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you understand what those various movements can do, I know you'll fall in love with the Edge as I have! Here are some of my test photos:

Happy Shooting!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lensbaby Macro Converters

On Thursday, Lensbaby announced their new Macro Converters, so I can share some of the beta test images I did for them. The new Macro Converters will allow Lensbaby shooters using the adjustable Sweet 35 optic to get in even closer and shoot macro, which makes that optic even more appealing.  Because the converters act somewhat like extension tubes, you can use them with all of the other optics as well, and even combine them with the Macro Kit diopters to really move in close to your subjects.  Here are some new images I made with the Sweet 35 optic and Macro Converters:

I can definitely recommend adding this new accessory to your lensbaby collection!

I did a new interview for Lensbaby last week too, you can read it here.

Happy Shooting!