Friday, December 11, 2015

My Texture Collections

I love adding texture backgrounds to many of my images, and have been collecting textures for years.  You can find textures everywhere, my collection includes images of frost, rust, paint, water, wheat, plants and more and also painterly images I create from scratch. I love adding them to images that just need a little something more in the background.

This morning I finally made my textures available for purchase on my site and I am excited to share them. I have more collections coming, but the first 3 are now available for $9.99 each:

Though these textures are black and white (color collections coming soon!), I use them on both color and black and white photos:

You can find my Texture Collections on my website here. I am also working on some tutorials for working with Textures, watch for those after the Holidays.

Happy Shooting!