Friday, June 28, 2019

Omni Bonding

Last week Lensbaby introduced the Omni System, an incredibly creative way to shoot through objects placed in front of your lens. Now, instead of holding the object yourself, you can easily move, change angles, combine and switch objects out quickly and easily with any lens. Check out the above link for more info and details on what is included with this system.

Whenever I am testing a new product, it takes me a little time to figure out what it can bring to the kind of work I do. Though I have been amazed by the portraits taken using the Omni system, I needed to see if I could utilize it with the close up nature photography that I love. I am happy to tell you that I am having a ball with it, bending light and selectively blurring areas of the frame has been lots of fun!

I first tried the Omni system with my 180mm and 24-70mm lenses and made some fun images:

I was especially excited when Lensbaby recently sent me a step up ring so that I could try the system with my Velvet 85, and I spent yesterday morning experimenting with that combination and can tell you that I definitely bonded with it. Painting with light is a blast!

I used several different wands, but my favorite images were with the Stretch Glass and Triangular Prism Effect Wands used together. I kept the Velvet 85 on f/2.8 for all of these photos.

It's always good to push yourself to try something new, the Omni system helped me to create some very unique images and definitely earned a place in my camera bag.

Happy Shooting,