Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A New Lensbaby Velvet!

Many of you know that the Lensbaby Velvet 56 and Velvet 85 are two of my favorite lenses. I am happy to announce that Lensbaby has added a sibling to the family, the Velvet 28! This lens is 28mm, and the minimum focus distance is about 2 inches!

The lens provides a soft glow overlaid on a sharp background, this glow lessens as you stop down in aperture. With 12 blades, the bokeh is nice and round and it's wonderful! I started beta testing this lens this winter and had fun seeing what I could do with it.

My favorite thing about this version of Velvet is that I can go from shooting a soft, floral macro subject to a landscape with tack sharp detail at 28mm without changing lenses.

I also had fun shooting some subjects both soft and dreamy and also sharp and detailed, it's great to have choices!

I am really looking forward to trying the Velvet 28 with large flowers like Dahlias this summer, this lens definitely has a space in my camera bag.

Happy Shooting!


  1. Kathleen these images are gorgeous ��

  2. I am guessing the weight would be much less than the 85

  3. Velvet 85 18.7 oz
    Velvet 56 14.4 oz
    Velvet 28 16.00 oz

  4. Beautiful Kathleen! I purchased mine this morning. I am excited to try it out.

  5. Kathleen, these are all just stunning!

  6. these photos have opened my mind to the 28 Kathleen. I have had my heart set on the 85 for a long time. Some people are recommending the 56. I mainly want to stick to macro and I will only be able to buy one lens so have to make the right choice in the beginning. Any firm ideas please...thanks Kathleen...

  7. Betty,
    If you are shooting with a full frame camera and don't also plan to shoot Landscapes, I would choose the Velvet 85, it is the Velvet I use most.